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Looking for mature and active players

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My name is Cam and I play under the name CROWs; currently my friend and I are having trouble holding out on our own.  We are both 18 and looking for people of similar age and maturity level to play with (please no one under the age of 16). 

Note!! We are not a clan!! There are no binding rules, no binding playtimes, no bullshit... because lets be real, we all have lives.

All that we ask is that you are active, mature, and fun to play with - no one likes rage, assholery, you know.. general toxicity - fuck that.  Either way, we could really use some more guys (or girls) to play Exile with.  If you're interested please add me on steam and we can chat.

What we are looking for: maturity, ease of communication, relative level of activity, and a mic

What we offer: private Teamspeak3 server, community-esque feel, and all the #positivevibes you could want B|(royalty free, bullshit-ass music not included) All jokes aside, we just want to have fun guys, thanks.


Thanks again guys, and hit me up if you want to join us

-Cam (CROWs)

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