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Using old topic,

1. It is very important we have a safe, command system in exile to save data to the server, either forced from rcon,xm8,inistar, #commands, or a script, that talks to exile then causing it to push the data to the database of all things.

2. a safe adjustable server time, ticker option that works safely with a restart script.

I have noticed this system not updated since 2015 and it appears the same problems happen with external programs to #shutdown, if we have to make emergency changes.

So in 2017 almost we need a on/off config system to turn on autorestarts, and forced database commands while in game in xm8. I have no idea if infistar has this admin option as i am just prepping the whole server for a possible gsp instead of local machine. I believe the restart scripts, and rcon tools are doing a premature shutdown, and the database on 60 minutes idol mode has not updated the master "Exile" database. So when we hit X, or rcon #shutdown commands the database never gets saved, and restores the not locked vehicles 1 hr back.

If you have boats spawning they keep spawning at the trader, which is crazy on a fresh database.

Something is forcing that to happen.

Mods used, CBA, Exile, And CUP, also scripts through exile random.




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