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Lookin' for a specific server.

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Dunno if this is in the right place, if not, please move it to the correct place.

I'm looking for a very specific PvE server, and can't seem to find it. As you can read in the "Opinions of Exile. " topic, most people find Exile a way to easy large map deathmatch mod. I would like to find a server that has minimal traders, only selling food/drinks/meds and some basic ammo. This should encourage people buying/selling from and to other players. No military vehicles at all, best vic in game should be the .50 truck. High end guns should be a rare spawn. Flag should be craftable only, using hard to get parts. Not overloaded with mods, and most importantly, not on Altis cuz it's a boring map. Rather no Namalsk either, because the devs did a great job, but it's just to small, and without the storms, is doesn't feel like Namalsk to me.

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