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I have a restart setup with my host. When in installing infistar I set a password (serverCommandPassword = "mypassword";).  I also made sure that the passwordAdmin = "mypassword"; matched the one in server.cfg.

Then I found this below:   

/* shows RESTART IN X MINS */
USE_RESTART_TIMER = true;            /* show time left to next restart */
RESTART_TIME_IN_M = 180;            /* restart time in minutes (default: 180min == 3 hours) */
SHOW_TIMER_IN_MIN[] = {1,2,3,5,10};    /* minutes before restart, when message is shown */
USE_RESTART_TIMER_SHUTDOWN = false;    /* #shutdown the server after RESTART_TIME_IN_M minutes */

Is there a place that I need to disable restarts of infiStar in EXILE_AHAT_CONFIG.hpp or config.cpp that I over looked?


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If you don't want to use the infiSTAR restart timer just set 


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