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Hey all,

Forgive me for typos and spelling I'm on my phone.

So I am looking for someone that may be able to help with written up a script :)


I currently have 3 different trader locations on my server and each one has a different style to represent different factions. So all the AI and stuff look different per safezone.


What I am looking for is a way to give players discounts if they say sell at a certain trader so much or offer other type of perks. Maybe they get a higher selling price? Would be cool to have a xm8 app to monitor your respect at each trader so if you start to sell at one you lose respect at another.

I'm trying to give my trader's a faction per say and to give players a reason to side with them.


Not sure if this is even possible to do lol

If you have any other ideas shoot em my way! 

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