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Chemical Gamers was founded back in January 28, 2014 on steam by me and some friends.

We wanted to create a community where friends could get together to avoid the drama that plagues most communities these days. 

Our Goal was simple: Chemical|Gamers™ is a community founded in support of Friendship,Teamwork and Respect towards others. We will forever show the highest empathy in regards to player activity.  Having previously belonged to other groups to escape the conflict, drama, stress, and poor leadership, which tends so often to plague online communities, we decided we wanted to create a place which realistically reduces those problems.




We are now looking for developers and a media team!

Some of the stuff we are looking for:

AI Mission editing

Custom map edits

Custom Scripts

Economy balance


We are also looking for people who are good with media and advertising.

Anything from awesome picture editing to amazing videos!

To help spread the word about our server/community.


Also looking for a web developer



We ask that you have been on our server to get a feel for what we are going for

To be able to provide legit proof of work/references

A friendly attitude


If you feel that you can bring something to our team or want to further discuss anything than please message me on here, On steam at http://steamcommunity.com/id/ghosttownn/

or welcome to join my TS3 at: ts.chemicalgamers.com:9990 and ask to speak to Ghosttown.

I am at work most of the time so be patient.



Filling these slots will give you no ingame perks or bonuses.

This will not grant you staff or any staff perks right away.

You will not have access to any files or make any direct edits.

If we deem you are acceptable and good of character you may be invited to join the "support team" Starting rank for staff.


Trust is a hard thing to come across, and it takes time to build that.


We are looking for good nature people who share the same passion and dedication that we do and the same idea/feel for what we are going for.

We want to further our reach and bring in new talent and new players alike.

We would like to build a decent team that will help us reach our goals and slowly branch out.

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Still looking for trustworthy people who may be interested.

Got some ideas that I am currently working on but I am a loner and have no help :P

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Finally started my server's back up after being down due to personal reasons! :)

This is now open again if anyone is interested!

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