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Where is Exile Going ?


EDIT Eichi: A follow up of this can be found here: 



Good morning Team,

I have a few questions which I hope one of the devs can address.



As of late the Exile community ( players ) have diminished quite drastically ...

That said ,I can only but help feel that the dev team is digressing and not really addressing the core "roadmap" as published HERE! by Eichi or communicating their plans for Exile clearly ...

Looking at the features that have been pushed into the current release of Exile. At a guess I'd say the majority of the features added weren't on the initial roadmap and critical features completely left out that were ?  Medical System as an example. "Let's add zipties, codelocks, lockpicking,  rather than being able to resuscitate a fallen inmate ?"  or "Let's spend 3 months on a map like Namalsk" knowing there's other bigger things down the way that will be coming  - Tanoa ?  All just seems a bit up in the air and hoping the chips fall right...


Patch Releases 

Now understandably as a dynamic team you are trying to get the absolute most impact with the mod and quality releases  , but I'd really just like to see more update more frequently. There have been some updates that took weeks / months  for a next knowing there were certain game breaking issues. Only the "Chosen" few communities had the knowledge about these issues and were addressed , but very few of those share that information. Territory protection to name one.


Server Numbers

At the present rate the number of servers will overtake the total number of players on Exile servers .. right now i think it's about 2 players for every server out there ( which is rather poor ). Would it not be possible to regulate new servers ? At the very start when Exile was released I believe only the registered partner communities had access to the server files - this is a key aspect i believe to ensure that Exile only has quality / populated servers. Not 1000 servers of which only 30 have players on. Perhaps something to consider for feature releases. Pick 5 top communities and have them only host Exile Servers to support the number of players, only open new servers if absolutely necessary.


Community Addons and Support How can we help ?

Well the question lastly is how can we as a community help you reach your goals. We know it's not always easy hearing the bad stuff and it makes you feel rather demotivated. It's only part of the cycle really .. haters gonna hate no matter what. The best you can do is put the best out there you can ..

The community have coded some really kickass additions for Exile. If there are any mods you believe are important for the advancement and growth of the Exile Community., why not include them in the core package ? This way the community can get behind where the team is going and either continue to support EXILE mod or drop it all together !

Anyways , I'm done babbling - I just think some things will need to change to ensure Exile remains a fun and exciting mod. I look forward to your feedback.


CP Out



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2 hours ago, CRE4MPIE said:

dev team is digressing and not really addressing the core "roadmap"

I do not understand this. Better Arma Gameplay? It's in. Crafting, Looting, Base Building, Tranding, Spawn Zone Selection? It's in, too. Forum-based community? We are writing here. Teamspeak? Semi-private bug tracker? It is also there. 

What are we missing here? There only thing that has changed is that the community demands additions, even if we are not even in the "Community is King" phase yet.

2 hours ago, CRE4MPIE said:

just like to see more update more frequently

Let me answer this with a video:

Remember this is a hobby. We work on it when we want to. We have to care about job, family and friends. Think about it like going to a sports club. You do this for two to three times a week, two to three hours each. That sums up to maybe six hours a week, if any.

Also, please remember that this is Arma, not Unreal Engine. In UE4 we could just drag and drop a finished model into the game. In Arma, we have to configure, try and error for like a week for a single one.

On top of that, there are many communities that are happy about not too many updates in short time frames. Every update means additional work for server owners and server downtime.

2 hours ago, CRE4MPIE said:

At the very start when Exile was released I believe only the registered partner communities had access to the server files

You remember wrong there. We had a gazillion of requests to get the files early and declined communities, game server hosters and everyone early access. We wanted to release it to everyone at the same time - and still do.

2 hours ago, CRE4MPIE said:

Would it not be possible to regulate new servers ?

Of course we could. But do you really want that?

We are well aware of the semi-optimal situation with the servers and are everything but happy about it. But the only options we see are not desirable:

  • We could make the server files private and let only our friends host it, just like Battle Royale, Breaking Point and King of the Hill do it. Then we would have full control, could monetize our own work and ensure the same quality everywhere. That would basically dump the complete idea of a community-driven project. It would drive millions crazy and will completely destroy the reputation of Exile. We would survive here - you would not. 
  • We could make the server files available only for game server providers to sell servers. You probably remember how well that worked for Origins and how Desolation suffers from that? Close to be the one above, we would have more control and destroy ourselves slowly. Sounds good? Not sure.
  • We could also just accept the sheer number of servers and do nothing. Too few servers is a real problem, too many server might just be a luxury problem. I personally do not understand why people keep empty servers alive.

Choose the smallest evil or come up with a better solution :) If you look carefully, we have chosen a community instead of the ability to monetize it.

3 hours ago, CRE4MPIE said:

why not include them in the core package ?

I can only speak for myself here, but the long tail of this would be unacceptable for me, if this is only about coding. I have started Exile because I wanted to code something fun. I work as a Head of Software Development and only code tiny things on my own. If we would open the gates for everyone now, this would become too similar to my job. I will just sit here and do some quality assurance and guidance. Move around some Trello cards here, call that guy, then speak to this group. Then mediate a conflict here, then kick the ass of another person. People already demand me to take the lead and I already spend most of my time talking to people instead of actually working on Exile. With public push requests, I would completely lose the last piece of what I enjoy, rendering this hobby useless for me.

However, there will surely be some point where we "finish" Exile, meaning we have added everything we wanted. We are already scratching the surface of what is possible in Arma. Most of the work with it consists of figuring out why something does not work or how something works - I bet you are more than familiar with that. It could happen that we open Exile for everyone when we are done with it. No guarantees, though. We are unsure about that at the time of writing.

Where we can really need some help is on the asset creation side. The amount of content that the community demands is very high and of course not everything can be programmed. If you know some talented animators, modelers or other creative 3D artists, let us know.



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