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Adding Extra CfgNotifications


Long story short, my other dev of my server had written up a simple sqf file for restart warnings, now these worked fine and appeared at the top of the screen.

I however would like them to appear in the bottom right corner, like Exile notifications. So I scanned through some existing code from another script which used these notifications and saw that if I do;


["Success",["Restart - 30 Minutes"]] call ExileClient_gui_notification_event_addNotification;

This will popup the notification with a "Success" tick like the Exile one, Great.


Now what I'd like to do is have the same effect however instead of a tick it shows my community logo.

I've attempted to add the following;

class CfgNotifications
     class Restart
      description = "%1";
      title = "Restart";
      iconPicture = "Custom\restarts\FH.paa";
      iconText = "";
      color[] = {0.7, 0.93, 0, 1};
      duration = 5;
      priority = 0;
      difficulty[] = {};


To my description.ext, config.cpp server and mission side, even attempted an override for the config.cpp from the client side (Which is where the original CfgNotification is stored) however no luck.


Is it possible to add extra CfgNotifications? if so, how?



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First, why don't you use the already built-in restart warnings? :) 

Second, I think we only read this config from the "configFile". To make it read from the mission config too, you will have to modify ExileClient_gui_notification_event_addNotification and let it read from "missionConfigFile" first.

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