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Edit Mission File - New Server Setup

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Hi all,


I am kinda new to server set-up for Arma 3, I know this is going to be long winded but I am hoping some of you may be able to help me out.

My ultimate goal is to have my own Exile server set-up on a dedi box. As a temporary measure I will be setting it up on a local Virtual box for testing. The first barrier I would like to get around is how do I edit the mission? (How do I place extra objects/traders ect).

How far have I got?

Well not far to be completely honest. I have downloaded a template mission "Exile.Chernarus" it does not have traders apparently but that is fine I know there is a guide on how to add traders. But when I add the "Exile.Chernarus" file to my mission file via C:\Users\AJ\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\AJEARLEY\missions and open the A3 editor the mission is greyed out and will not open. I get the option to "Import" then a message saying "Importing the scenario will update the format. A backup will be created in the Scenario folder. Do you want to Import the Scenario?" I click "Yes" then the error saying "Error when loading the Scenario".


Why am I getting this error? it is a vanilla mission file and I have @AllInArmaTerrainPack, @Exile enabled?

I hope someone can help me with all of this it would be much appreciated.



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