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Hello guys i thought i would release a few vehicles as i do not get a lot of time to work on these anymore,  I haven't tried using these in the exile customs yet but i am sure they will work, You can also add them to the trader as a separate vehicle its up to you guys how you use them, Filter "DCP" in the editor on blufor or Infistar to have a look at them.

Please let me know if you could help out in any way. I could always use more camo's and skins and may consider adding other peoples skins into this pack if they want to contribute to make a nice big camo pack, Enjoy what ive released so far. 

Peace out ! :D



CUP Vehicles




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22 minutes ago, Quasi Normal (Melano!) said:

The guy is away for one month now. One more dead tread.

Actually I have quite a few skins made but I'm really busy with work at the minute and I work on this alone, figuring the configs out and everything from scratch, I'm no expert and use Google to get me to where I am. Last time I was working on this I was trying to skin a CUP weapon but I'm unable to get it working. Although it works with arma 3 weapons, I still make skins when I have time

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