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Database Traders

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I remember when i first started playing Arma mods other then Dayz and the first I played was Arma 2 Epoch and one of the things that annoyed me with this mod was the fact the traders could run out of stock due to them been managed via the DB rather then a config file.


Annoying on Epoch yes but I personally think this would be great for the Exile mod, story of Exile (Correct me if I'm wrong) but is about convicts who have been "Exiled" to far off lands for punishment of their crimes etc. Now why should these lands traders have infinite supplies of ammo and weapons, vehicles etc.

Having DB traders in my personal opinion would not only be more realistic but add more of a challenge to the mod, the challenge of survival, having to live off what you find and not having an endless supply only a few mile away.

Obviously it could be down to the server administrators if and when to restock traders, and maybe a config to enable/disable them

DataBaseTraders = true; //If true traders will fetch stock from database rather then config file.


Just an idea that popped to me today whilst playing a server that had T72 and fighters jets in their traders.



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