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Added custom trader zone, getting errors

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I've added my custom trader zone but everytime i try to join my server it gives me an error:

30.03.2016 22:40:44: Ixecube ( 55786b758128bf2d5c6af1ffb933ec00 - #0 "CUP_A2_gate_kolchoz" 3:15 [4,4,-49]
30.03.2016 23:05:50: Ixecube ( 55786b758128bf2d5c6af1ffb933ec00 - #0 "CUP_A2_gate_kolchoz" 3:15 [4,4,-49]
30.03.2016 23:09:32: Ixecube ( 55786b758128bf2d5c6af1ffb933ec00 - #0 "Land_CncBarrierMedium4_F" 3:16 [4,4,-50]
30.03.2016 23:17:10: Ixecube ( 55786b758128bf2d5c6af1ffb933ec00 - #0 "AmmoCrates_NoInteractive_Small" 3:22 [0,5,-50]
30.03.2016 23:33:33: Ixecube ( 55786b758128bf2d5c6af1ffb933ec00 - #0 "AmmoCrates_NoInteractive_Small" 3:22 [4,4,-50]

I've solved previous ones by adding the "AmmoCrates_NoInteractive_Small"  to the createVehicle.txt file. But it seems i have to add every object i used to that file, since the error keeps occuring. Can anyone help me out?

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