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Loot Spawn Rate ?


I do not understand Loot Spawn Rates. Very Complicated... Please help me.

I use formula for per items: 100/24=4 (Is there a different way?)

The following rates are correct?

> CivillianUpperClass //100
13, Trash
9, Food
6, Drinks
2, Pistols
5, PistolAmmo
8, PistolAttachments
1, SMG
8, SMGAmmo
4, SMGAttachments
5, CivilianClothing
1, Rifles
3, RifleAmmo
3, RifleAttachments
4, CivilianBackpacks
4, CivilianVests
2, CivilianHeadgear
8, CivilianItems
3, Restraints
4, Chemlights
4, RoadFlares
1, MedicalItems
1, GuerillaItems
1, Rebreathers


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Hi mate, I think you may be confused. First of all, if thats the data from the 'Lootable.h' file within the loot compiler tool , it probably would work once compiled using the batch file supplied within the compiler tools. However but what I do is use the really useful online web-based loottable compiler created by Maca134 . Its a lot simpler. You just creat your Lootable (in the web browser) and just select compile and it will output the relevant code to input into your exile_server_config.pbo  

If you're still struggling feel free to PM me. 


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