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Just a little app I put together since a bunch of people on my server wanted to be able to use poptabs to upgrade their bases. Probably not something for every server, just thought I'd share it in case others may find it useful.  The app doesn't upgrade your territory for you (I'm not that good), it just gives you the amount of respect needed for a certain upgrade level.

The red text on the app comes from Shix's Server Info app, I take no credit for this.

Also credits to Shix, Taylor Swift, and many others as I have learned quite a bit from the apps they have released here in the forums.


You need to have XM8Apps created by Shix installed on your server to use this.

You will also need THIS lovely addon created by Happydayz in order for this to work.



Prices, respect received, and text easily configurable.

Installation instructions and battleye filters are included in download


Note: I'm sure this could be done better, but I am by no means good at coding and this was as small as I could get it and keep

the script in a scheduled environment. Tips, pointers, and constructive criticism are always welcomed and appreciated!




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