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[Updated] Possible bug with visual effects of radiation


First, a big thank you to the Exile devs for adding the radiation functionality in the latest release, as it gave me something more to customize on my test server. Also, if this has already been reported, sorry for the additional post. :)

I setup a radiation zone with the follow; {{23344.3,18682.8,0},100,300} and it seems to work great. However, what I am experiencing on my server is when you enter the radiation zone for the first time you experience the visual effects of the radiation. However, if you go out of the zone, heal yourself, then re-enter the zone, no matter if you're within 299 meters or 25 meters from "ground zero", the visual effects do not happen again. Is anyone else able to reproduce this? If you re-spawn then enter the zone again, the effects work fine as well as if you reconnect to the server, the effects work, but just that one time. I'll try a little re-working and see if I can get things to behave a bit better, however in the meantime If any of the Exile devs wanna check this out, send me a PM as the server has a password.

Thank you for your time. and keep up the hard work!


***It appears after updating to the newest infiSTAR release this is no longer a problem (with or without the "Kyle_Mod" toggled). Please disregard, thanks.

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