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Sir DannyDoomno1

Adding spawn zones ?


Hey there, i just tried to edit the mission.sqm to add a new spawn zone in rodopoli, i added this

class Item6
            position[] = {18822.2,30.38,16602.7};
            name = "SpawnRodopoli";
            text = "Rodopoli";
            type = "ExileSpawnZone";

and changed the class names so they went up from there (item7.. item8..). but uppon loading into the server i get stuck at requesting character.

after checking the logs i found this error repeated a few times uppon my trying to join.

Error in expression <mat["%1", _result];
((_result select 1) select 0) select 0>
 5:20:02   Error position: <select 0) select 0>
 5:20:02   Error Generic error in expression
 5:20:02 File exile_server\code\ExileServer_system_database_query_selectSingleField.sqf, line 15

any ideas ?

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