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New server script setup

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I got a new server from survival servers, and tho its a great stable server with low pings, I really want to customize it with some scrips such as:

Traveling Trader
Status Bar
Random Heli Crashes
Day/Night Cycle (4hrs Daylight/1hr Night)
Deploy Bike
Extra Trade Zones

I am 100% completely new to this and tried to install a few myself. So far I have managed to add custom spawns points and the DMS missions. I have tried the others and just simply cannot get them to work, I didn't even realize I had DMS working until I logged in the next day and found it running lol. Simply, I have had enough with it and admit I just don't have patience for this I guess. Is there anyone who would be able to help me install these scripts and in return I would send them a few $$.

I do have another question tho about the DMS missions. I seen there are a more mission files than what are playing on the server, I've never seen more than about 6 different missions playing, yet there are around 19 different missions inside the pbo? Maybe i'm missing something I dunno.


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