Vehicle Locking issue

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Vehicle Locking Issue

I have now had five occasions where people have entered my vehicle with no way for me to remove them. (1) Landed my helicopter at traders nobody insight, on returning to my Helli unlocked it and got in, engine start but before i could get off the ground two players run out from a building and jumped in, they then equip themselves with any gear you have in the Helli. If you get out they fly away with your gear if you land and stay in the Helli they log out and then log in 5 min later with all your gear. Also had this happen when landing at traders two players tried to run under the Helli before i landed trying to get in still in orange.  (2) Went to traders lock hunter, came out unlock hunter somebody then started to drive off in it, they had crawled under the car and as i put the unlock code in they then jumped in the driving seat, i managed to get in as passenger but sat there for a hour while he drove around ramming every vehicle in trade area then logged with all he could carry. We all play this game for a battle and i love a fire fight but to have your gear stolen in this way is? (your thoughts).

Would like to see:

1.Being able to lock the vehicle when inside,

2.When unlocking only pin code owner / party / clan can enter vehicle or access contents for the first 5 seconds, allowing time to get in or get out and re-lock.

3.Being able if you are the pin code owner to eject anybody out of the vehicle regardless of your position in vehicle, This would also be good in real life, when the wife is commenting on your driving

The No.2 would still let players steal your vehicle and contents if you do not lock it.

Not sure if No.3 would be required if No.1 and 2 were in place.

Just trying to play the game as designed and stop the trolls.

Well over to you players, your thoughts and comments would be very much appreciated. 

Thanks for a great mod EXILE   

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i agree with you on this.  this is an issue with epoch and probably other mods as well.




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I agree that it can be very frustrating with jumping in your vehicles. But the problem with locking from the inside is that everyone is gonna be doing that, and then PvP on an enemy vehicle will not be rewarding at all. If locked from the inside then you cannot get their vehicle nor loot the players gear. The vehicle becomes a moving Safe.

Best way is to just play on a server where safezone griefing is a bannable offense. For every other location this may happen, well just look out I suppose.

Number (2) and (3) suggestions I think are really bad suggestions. Not sure you can even do that in ArmA.

I think the bottom line is just "stay alert".

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I agree, locking from inside is needed.

You could always have the vehicle to unlock on driver death.


For #3, Micovery did an excellent addon for A3W that gave the owner an option to pull another player from the vehicle.


Instead of #2 maybe we could get an option to booby trap the vehicle with some charges, thus at least being able to blow up the..... borrower.

However if someone could get Zorilyas variant to work in MP it would be much nicer =)

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