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Car go sideways and sunk


Why is this happening lol 

So  basically i use the hangar at airport as car storage right now. i placed a land rover inside lock doors or car and base and had to restart server little after and bammmm car looks sideways and exploded. This was the first time, so i was maybe has to be on the wood floor base. so do the same then i leave game for the night. Today i install xm8 airdrop map so i had to restart server. i go in game go to my hangar and then bam car is sideway lol sunk into the floor but this time didnt explode. And that other airport car never exploded. So i wonder why its happening to the rover. Anybody knows?



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Gonna need better screenshots than that, can't see crap.  At any rate, flipping the vehicle will remove it from the ground in most situations. 

As far as the vehicle explosion goes, that's an Arma 3 bug. I've seen it happen in every mod.

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