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[SOLVED] Terrain Object Interaction


hey there,

im trying to interact with the objects that are already on the map.

The things that are visible via cursorTarget work, but for those who just can use cursorObject not..


config.cpp of the mission - got the following in 

class CfgInteractionMenus


class Land_cinderblocks_f                                   
        targetType = 1;
        target = "cinderblocks_f.p3d";

        class Actions
            class Stare: ExileAbstractAction
                title = "Take a look";
                condition = "true";
                action = "execVM 'custom\interactions\takealook.sqf';";

the takealook.sqf just hints at the moment some string to test if its working.

(i have tried without .p3d, with the classname, with target type 2 , but i just dont get anything here)


I have overriden(thanks to @Eichi ) the gui_interactionmenu_update

so my class CfgExileCustomCode has 

ExileClient_gui_interactionMenu_update = "overrides\ExileClient_gui_interactionMenu_update.sqf"; //cursorTarget to cursorObject

~line 27 _object = objectCursor



tried a bit..

_target = cursorObject;_cin = "Land_u_Addon_02_V1_F";if(_target isKindOf _cin) then { hint str "ayup"} ; 



_target = cursorObject;_cin = "Land_cinderblocks_f";if(_target isKindOf _cin) then { hint str "aye"} ; 

does not work for some reason


hint typeof cursorObject;  

works for objects that are already accessible via cursorTarget, but not for fences and types like the cinderblock_f



_model = getModelInfo cursorObject select 0; _Target = "cinderblocks_f.p3d"; if(_Target == _model) then { hint str "yeah"}


thx to killzone kids reply on bi forum , he also changed the wiki page for cursorObject to make it more clear


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