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Hello, i'm looking for a clan or group to join or play with. I don't have any preferences on size or anything. I really don't care about the server or map type. As long as i can play with a cool group and have fun!

i have teamspeak and discord so thats good i guess lol

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We are a community of players, from all time zones around the world. We are always looking for new players to join our community. Our server hosts the Chernarus map. We have a mixture of players that Role Play and PVP. We offer a little bit for everyone! Big Groups and small groups welcomed.

Anytime! Feel free to Join Our TeamSpeak:
(I am always on and always willing to help new players that join our TS. Just look for "Kappa_")

Arma Server:
LEGION EXILE Chernarus|5kStart|Garage|Tow|NoSafeZones|PVP|LOOT+
(Just search: LEGION)


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