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[SOLVED] How to remove "Freindly fire" from kill feed


Good afternoon Devs of Exile

I'm really enjoying Exile at the moment and so are the players on my server =]

But there is one little thing that is driving me crazy...

I have disabled the kill feed for players just to make it more PVP orientated BUT even though I have removed the kill feed e.g "BLAH was killed by BLAD at ***meters"

But it still shows "Blah was killed by Blah [Friendly fire] which I wish to remove.

Some players like to grief about who killed them etc hence why I wish to remove kill feeds completely.

I know it can be done as I have seen many Exile youtube vids mainly DevilDog..... and when he kills he gets the usual pop tabs and respect from killing a player but it doesn't show the kill feed Or the friendly fire part.

So my question is how do I remove the friendly fire from the kill feed?

And if it "cant be done" is there a way you guys could make it so it doesn't show?

Thanks in advance


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