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Welcome, Exile Players and Server Owners.

Capwell Studios is offering exclusive Website "cloud" Hosting - with and unbeatable price.

Our Main Services are:

  • Website Hosting & Domain Names.


What do we offer?

We offer website hosting and domain names.

Why do we offer it?

Capwell Studios offers these services as we would like to think that our company can fully satisfy our audience (that is you!). We don't go over the top, we are plain and simple. Our goal is to ensure that the whole of the ARMA community has it's own various methods to achieve their desires, from MILSIM to LIFE to EXILE and everything in between - to even groups of people looking to have a place to talk, and go on other servers that they recommend.

Who are we aimed at?

The company doesn't have it's hand in different games or markets, we are solely dedicated to the ARMA community.

What benefits are their?

We are offering a 50% off ( 6.00 GBP ) if you bring a friend. Both you and your friend can get our website hosting with 50% off for both parties.

We are dedicated to providing the best and most personal support, we are constantly looking for ways to improve, both our service and customer relations.



Website Hosting:  https://www.capwell.co.uk/whmcs/cart.php

Lowest Price: 2.00 GBP

Highest Price: 12.00 GBP

Domain Names:  https://www.capwell.co.uk/whmcs/domainchecker.php

Starting at: 5.50 GBP (.uk .co.uk .me.uk .org.uk)

If you feel that you don't want to spend 5-10 GBP on your website, then we are able to provide the service for however much you feel that we are worth. You can easily change the price you pay at any moment.

Our Terms of Service: https://www.capwell.co.uk/terms.html


Company Links:

WEBSITE: https://www.capwell.co.uk

REVIEWS: https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/capwell.co.uk

STEAM: https://steamcommunity.com/id/fifthcohort/

BILLING AREA: https://www.capwell.co.uk/whmcs/index.php

CONTROL PANEL: https://www.capwell.co.uk/cpanel

EMAIL: jack@capwell.co.uk

CSH Team


If you have ANY questions or concerns, please let me know.

Edited by JackCapwell
Company Changes and Update

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£10/hour for support?

No other Hosting Companies charge for support.

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We don't charge for support. I don't believe that is stated anywhere?

Please correct me if this is wrong.

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Hey guys,

This is a little update on what is happening at CSHOST (Capwell Studios).

We have been very inactive upon the forums and wish to renew this in the next few days, and to kick start this we want the whole of the ARMA community, to have a very special offer.



50% OFF - Unlimited Website Hosting use code: ARMACOMMUNITY https://www.capwell.co.uk/whmcs/cart.php

This offer is for the lifetime of the service. This offer only applies to WEB HOSTING (and not to domain names or VPS services).


Kind Regards,


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Hello Exile,


We are now introducing our Affiliate system.

Which will give you 5% of all purchases made and 5% recurring payments for the life of the customers that you bring.

You can (currently) withdraw at the amount of 50.00 GBP.


Kind Regards,



Capwell Studios

Founder and Manager

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