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iv got one qustion about monetizers server (im self not a server ownere) i have recent found a server where they sell poptab's i have check the Monetizers list on BI website they arnt on that either. But what i do know from that list is there some rules about it aswell one is pointed very good out wich is "you may not sell ingame item's there change gameplay" wich selling poptabs dos quite alot. im not gona say wich server if mod's or dev's want to know you can allways PM me ( i do know there was a post about it but i could not find it at all) 

if it can stay hidden aswell would be great - and also is there a way to report them to BI or do that has to been going thow there support system? 


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Please write an email to monetization@bistudio.com to contact Bohemia Interactive. Explain the situation and they will help you out :) 

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