Looking for a EU team.

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Looking for a EU team to join.

Competed in FPS games at a high level for at least 10 years in the battlefield series, sadly bf3/4 killed off the competitive scene. I'm pretty new to arma but I learn fast and I embrace the grind to get good. I'm fluent in english and swedish, played with gamers from around the world.

My old battlefield team that I started that went on to be just so you know I'm not making up some interwebs story.

Add me on steam if interrested

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Hey man :)

if you are still still lokning for a EU team, to join up on, you are more that welcome to take a look at Oure site, and see if it could be somthing maby.... We are A group of mature players  at the age of +20. 


Until now we have only accepted Danish members in Oure clan, but are expanding it to EU.


we are A frindly bunch , whit Own custom made server, and teamspeak. 

Kind regards 



Head admin of Ravenwood

my steam is dacoon7700

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if u still are looking for a small group to play with then I will love to play with u 

u can add me on steam : SleePy *


i also own a team speak 3 server if u guys need to talk we can use mine and I play EU servers live en Denmark I'm 14 years old but play area 3 like a real pro man so if u are interested find me on steam or pm 


Kind Regards 

SleePy                                                                                                                                                                                  Owner Of MLP exile server

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