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Hello iv been looking into adding in a function on my server to spawn a bike, there are already scripts out there that allow players to spawn bikes multiple ways, BUT i have only one issue with some, and i dont know how to tweak it to my liking as i just havent gotten enough time to learn as much as i want to. What im looking for is how to setup the script to allow players to spawn the bike at any point in time wether or not your a bambi and not require anything. Now yea people might spam and spawn tons but maybe someone can show me how to make a cool down or bind to the UID to only allow one per player and if he spawns in more than one then the others get deleted. Again if anyone can point me in the right path as to what needs to be done that would be great as i would like to learn how to other things without asking for constant help. Thanks and hope to get some replies haha:D


2 premade scripts that are used to spawn bikes:



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