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Hey I'm new to EXILE. I've played ARMA 2 dayz in the past before but I've just started getting into ARMA 3 Exile most of my experience is just going solo. I would like a group/clan or something to group up with. I'm from Britain.

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Hey chris, Im a good buddy with the owner of [SoA] they are really fun to play with and i enjoy talking to all the members. I would highly recommend to check them out. Here is there recruitment post!



I'm the leader of Sons of Anarchy, a gaming clan that started on Arma 2 DayZ Epoch. Epoch/Overpoch on Arma 2 OA is basically dead. Fortunately, Exile came out just around the right time for us to play it.

So I have been leading the clan for going on 2 years now. I have been in countless firefights with the clan on DayZ. I consider my self to be a humble leader and I know very well there are other people better then me and better then all of us on Arma 2/3. That being said some goofball boasting about his experience in the game doesn't appeal to any of us. It's rather annoying really. If you know you are a good player that's great, we will see it too. I also don't really require much experience in the game to play to me it has been and always will be about a persons loyalty to the clan and determination to improve. Losing should not make you want to log off. Losing should make you want to go gear up and fight again. If you are interested apply on the website I will link below.

We are looking for ACTIVE players that want to contribute to the clan on a regular basis. Your dedication and will to improve as a player are two key factors for being promoted.

IMPORTANT: What we really need right now is more good pilots. The only thing I am really anal about when it comes to experience is a pilot. If you are interested you should be good at hot landing/hot dropping, as well as most importantly being okay with being in the air when we need you to. So you must understand that when we play as a group you will be flying more then doing other things.

IMPORTANT AGAIN: Currently the clan is rather slow if you apply expect it to be slower then it once was if you have played with us or have had friends that played with us in the past. I want to build it back up again, it takes time. Currently We need active people, really active. The people who show they want to make it happen will be noticed. The leaders don't have to be on for you to play. Also later down the road we need more people for leading groups of people from groups of ideally around 3-8.
1.Nothing is yours in this clan. It's the clan's, if you can't fully comply with this rule don't waste your time applying.

2.You are expected to listen and do what your told. That doesn't mean be a zombie but with a larger group the chain of command and order is necessary at times. You will not always get the job that is the most fun. It's part of the game and realize work is involved. Players who want to succeed with a growing clan understand this and it's as simple as that.

3.Do not put your clan tag on till instructed to do so.

4.If you have a question about something do not hesitate to ask.
5.If your PC is on and your Internet connection is working, be on teamspeak. This is simple. Almost daily I check the teamspeak if people are connecting and disconnecting because not enough people are on, you are not the type of person we want. Don't waste your time, don't waste our time.


Application Format

We are currently looking for new people who play at least 15 hours a week.

1. What is your Arma 2 and/or 3 experience post a screenshot below

2. How often do you play and during what times. CONVERT it to U.S Central standard time.

3. How old are you? 16+ is preferred but if you genuinely seem like a mature smart player we wont have problems

4. What role would you like to be(typically and most optimally There are the big 3).

A light machine gunner - good for disabling choppers and vehicles as well as it is traditionally used for suppressing fire.

Marksman - Max range will go up to about 1k usually.

Sniper - will regularly be working at ranges beyond 900m and they typically don't get as much action the work as an observatory role for call outs.

After applying you can go on our teamspeak it's

Hope i helped you find a good group of people!


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Cheers MetalMan and Steve. I'll probably write up a application tomorrow as it's late, I look forward to playing with a experienced group.

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