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Auto Restart Vilayer server HELP!


For the love of god!!! Why in the hell is it soo hard to have a server restart every 3,6 hours without having a MIT degree. I have a vilayer server.. and thats a bad start to begin with.. however.. it should not be this damn difficult! BRCON, Firedeamon, bats, BEC I mean really... should this not be something included in the main server config of sorts!!!! JFC! COULD SOMEONE who has a Vilayer server PLEASE tell me exactly how and what you did to get it to work.. if you ever did.

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its not that 2 do man... just instal server message.... then go to exile_server_config

then open conffig.ccp then that the bottom there is restart timer and stuff u need to change.

then go to schedule task then make a new task

The recurring task's name is required.
Type:One timeDailyWeeklyMonthly
Recur Every:  Days
 Repeat task
Repeat Every:  MinutesHours
For:  MinutesHours
Created On:
9/15/2015 11:52:45 AM
Created By:
Modified On:
9/20/2015 6:00:47 PM
Modified By:


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