Killin Zedz has moved from server hosting to a community of players!

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The KillinZedz community no longer hosts any game servers. We could not keep up with the steady competition of having a ton of servers for a small player base. So, KZ is now just a community of gamers that go where the fun is! I am looking for new members to come and join our ranks. We enjoy teamwork, completing missions and having fun in general. We do not have any rank structure or any requirements to practice or participate. I am mostly playing Exile, which of course is what this recruiting post is about, but our members play a lot of different games and mods.

Our forums are located at and we have a Discord voice server, which has been rather underutilized at Feel free to jump on the Discord server and chat with your friends. We'll add channels for whatever is needed.

If you would like to become a "Zed Killer", come check out our website. Create an account and say hello! You can add us on Steam too. Just hop on over to our Steam Group!

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