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Loot Spawn Points


Hey there Sorry if this is in the wrong spot, But I'm Looking for a little info.  I want to add Loot spawn locations on my Cherno Server but what i do doesn't work, so How does the postions in buildings work?  Are they just locations on map or are they actual positions in the building its self? here is what I tried

class Land_Hangar_2
        table = "Industrial";
        positions[] = {{12.8218, -8.23438, -2.56319},{13.3193, -2.53516, -2.56318},{13.2275, 3.03223, -2.56319},{13.4185, 9.16797, -2.56319},{1.84619, 4.42578, -2.56319},{0.273438, -1.96875, -2.56319},{0.223633, -7.3418, -2.56319},{-12.1475, -4.97363, -2.56319},{-12.7822, 0.652344, -2.56319},{-12.5186, 5.44141, -2.56319},{0.0429688, 9.13281, -2.56319}};

Take in mind i searched your community and used some positions from there but they didn't work ever. 

Hope you Guys can help Thank You.

Sorry Don't see a place to Reply so just editing. Its not working by nothing spawns in this build stood there for 30 mins and nothing and Don't see a error in the RPT. So not sure what I'm doing wrong.  Got the File from a post on here can't seem to find it again.

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