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[SR] Spartan Raiders Indoc Doc





  1. Introduction & Basic Info
  2. Ranking & Promoting
  3. Roles
  4. SOP
  5. Clan Guidelines
  6. Clan Roster



Information & Basic Info


Hello and welcome recruit to [SR] Spartan Raiders ArmA 3 Clan. First off we would like to say thank you for giving us a go and checking us out. We do our best to provide the best ArmA experience and still have lots of fun. First thing you may notice in the clan is that we have a squad based structure and ranking system kinda like the military. Now this doesn’t mean we are a tactical milsim unit. (We just use a bit of what the military would be using because of our size and how many of us play at once. We try to keep everything extra organized ) The reason why this is in place is because while we are in combat and we have let’s say 8 people together, communications and tactics are forgotten over all the confusion and rush of the combat situation. So we like breaking things up and running it in squad based formats, just overall making my life easier and making it easier for you to eliminate your target.

As well as ranking, same concept. Reason why we have ranks in place is so it helps me understand who you are, how skilled you are and what you can and cannot handle. If you check out the page about the “Ranks” it will have a greater detailed topic about that, but to sum it all up for you, it’s just so we have some type of order and chain of command but this doesn’t mean that whatever your squad leader says you MUST do it just means he’s giving you a task that needs done. Now more than likely if we ask that you go and find food in a nearby town and you go do something else, we are all probably gonna die of starvation cause we were depending on you. Alongside that we also have positions/classes that you can choose from. For example, Riflemen, Auto rifleman, Marksman, Scout. Each role has a specific loadout depending on the mission. So let’s say your squad was tasked with clearing a nearby town so the next team can come and cut trees and gather building supplies and it’s your job to protect them and keep over watch. You would grab gear accordingly to that mission, so a parachute won’t be needed in this case . For special roles like Squad leader, Scout, pilot, ect you will need special training from a Officer. So if you feel you want to try out for those roles let us know!



Ranking & Promoting


As you read above we talk briefly on Ranks and what they mean in the clan. Now again we aren’t a tactical milsim unit and we don’t want to be on, this is just for organizing everything within the clan. So i’ll list the ranks below and below that i’ll explain each one in detail.


Clan Leader

Co Leader

Commanding Officer

Squad Leader

Fireteam Member




So starting from the bottom ( and now were here, anyone listen to drake? ) we got scrub, scrub means your a scrub so there’s no need to talk about that. Then we have recruit. Recruit is what it says it is. Means your not in the clan and your not fully joining us yet. Next is Fireteam Member which means your in the clan and are in a squad with your role. So meaning regardless which class you are (scout, pilot, riflemen) your rank will be Fireteam Member. Then we have Squad Leader. So Squad Leader runs a squad of around 3-4 people. He gets a task assigned to him and his squad will go out and complete the task, whether it’s doing recon or doing missions. Commanding Officers(CO) pretty much deal with maintaining everything and help overall with most of the task. He kinda keeps track of who’s doing what and what is needed around the base. He will look at our money and our cars, and gear. Make sure we aren’t running low. If so he tells the squad leaders to bring gear in. CO Leader and Clan Leader deal with major decisions and other tasks. Like who gets promoted and what our goals are. And say who we are gonna raid and who we don’t. That type of stuff.

Promoting is really simple. If your in the clan for a good amount of time, let’s say a week. And you haven’t caused any issues then if you wish to be promoted to a higher rank, just ask us! You will have training on that role and must pass it if you wish to have that role. But don’t let that discourage you because it’s all real easy. Just act like you are paying attention and use common sense. It’s all just the dos and the don’ts.




So below i’ll list all the roles we have in our clan and what they do but keep in mind your gear loadout, weapon, clothing, ect will all depend on the task at hand so you won’t be running with the same exact gear and weapon of choice every single time.




  • Riflemen

Riflemen overall job is to maintain a weapon or gear set to fight close to medium range. Carrying extra medical and food on him to support the group. Also will be carrying a RPG if one is needed at the time.

  • Auto Riflemen

Will be carrying some type of LMG for close to medium range. Will be used as security and will be used where is needed.

  • Scout

Scout will be carrying a Medium to long range sniper rifle. He is used mostly for overwatch or navigating. He will be used alongside the team leader to help guide them to there mission or task. Will also be carrying explosives

  • Marksmen

Will be carrying a close to medium range DMR type weapon. He will be carrying any repair type tools.

  • Pilot

Flys any helis or jets

  • Base builder

Builds/maintains the base and make sure its all in one piece.


Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)


Ok so basically we have this in place so we do not get a bad name for ourselves and don't become hated. Please follow these rules but we understand that you can’t always do it this way.


So let’s set the setting. You and your 3 man team are out and about looting and one of you spots another playing running around. At this moment that other player has no clue your here. What do you do? Well in this case you would first off determine what type of threat he is to you or your mission. First off you can look at what he’s wearing or what type of weapons he has on him. Then where he is from you. And what he’s doing, and if he knows your here or not. After you do all that you can deem him non lethal meaning little to no threat. Moderate meaning he can possibly kill you or stop you from doing the mission. Or Critical meaning he will kill you if you don’t kill him now. After you do this then you will make you choice what to do. So obviously if he’s critical you shoot him. But let’s say he’s moderate in this case. First off maintain eyes on the scrub lord. Then get setup so if anything goes south you can shoot him. Then contact him. This doesn’t mean you run up to him and salute him. Get close enough so he hears you while still in cover. Then if he doesn’t respond after 3 request then he is now deemed critical and you can kill him. Now again like i said it will not always work out this way. So we understand but we would like to see this used for our sake of others hating our clan.

As far as like ROE basically don’t shoot anyone unless you must. And don’t trader camp or spawn camp. Other than that go at it.



Clan Guidelines


Here are a few rules that you must follow while being in the [SR] clan. If staff feels you are not following these guidelines, you may be removed from the clan.


Do not disrespect other members. We will not tolerate cyber bullying, racism, homophobia, religious hate comments or jokes.

Do not break server rules. Whichever server we are on, you gotta represent the [SR] clan. Do not make people hate us.

Do not fight over gear. Its retarded cause your gonna die anyways and your gonna lose it so just let it go.

Do not friendly fire.

Dont troll in sidechat

Dont steal from other members or from base

Do not bring anyone in the base thats not apart of [SR]. You and your friend will be shot.

Do not Offline Raid.

Do not threaten other groups under our name. Dont go around saying that the [SR] clan will mess you up. Dont be a wuss.

It is asked you use your clan tag while with us but is not required.

Dont spam group chat or talk in group chat without permission.

No base raiding other bases unless proven by the officers. If you are dont use our clan tag while doing it.

Follow the SOP at all times while in combat. We dont wanna make everyone hate us.

Donate 5 dollars to metalman10 so he can buy the new Shelby GT 350 R =)


Clan Roster


  • Clan Leader
    • Metalman10
  • CO Leader
    • KIlla
  • Commanding Officer
    • imabustya
  • Squad Leaders
    • imabustya 
  • Fireteam Members
    • NONE ATM





  • Squad 1 “HellCats”
    • imabustya 
    • KIlla
    • Metalman10
    • Riotz
    • Craft
    • Panda
  • Squad 2 “Liberators"
    • N/A
  • Squad 3 “Diablo” (QRF)
    • N/A
  • Squad 4 "NightHawks" (Spec)
    • N/A



Thanks for reading!:P

Happy trails convicts!



||||||||| APPLICATION |||||||||


  1. Steam Name :
  2. In game Name :
  3. Age :
  4. What role do you want? :
  5. How long have you been playing ArmA? :



copy and paste that below, fill it out and reply to this post or PM me.


Teamspeak IP :

Forums :

Steam Group :

My Steam :

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** due to the amount of time i put into running my servers at EXP i am closing this clan! Thanks for understanding! **

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  1. Steam Name :  KaliberN lukas     
  2. In game Name :lukas
  3. Age :16
  4. What role do you want? : auto riflemen/riflemen/scout i dont really mind
  5. How long have you been playing ArmA? : arma 3 219 hours arma 2 600 
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  1. Dream
  2. Dream
  3. 21
  4. Rifleman
  5. I've been playing arma 2/3 for about 4 years now. My current profile doesnt reflect it because its a newish account.
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  1. Steam Name : Kowlefe
  2. In game Name : Kowlefe
  3. Age : 23
  4. What role do you want? : Rifleman or Auto Rifleman
  5. How long have you been playing ArmA? : I've been playing it off and on for a few years between my own and a few friend's steam accounts from college.

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