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The Tanoa Question


Ok so I've had a search and I cant find anything as direct as this, so ill ask away!

Are you guys (The EXILE Team, not the community) currently working on anything Tanoa related?

Do you plan on working on the Tanoa map in the future?

Are you currently working on adding the Apex gear and vehicles? If not, will you in the future?


Please let us know in as much detail as you are happy to give.

There is a lot of hype around the Apex release, and ive noticed a lot more people playing Exile (well, just playing all arma gametypes in general) since the Apex details have been released. We all really want to see EXILE in Tanoa.

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Tanoa will be the third official map of Exile. We have already done the mission file including all traders, arsenal etc... We will release that once APEX is out. However, we are still discussing with Bohemia how APEX will be distributed to all Arma players. Since it will not be available for all players, as we cannot patch anything there at the moment. That makes modding impossible if you do not want to require APEX.


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