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Spawned helicopters and loot get cleaned up?


Hi everyone,

I've built a script which spawns a helicopter, sets a random waypoint, let's it crash and should spawn loot. Everything works (the helicopter is flying over the map, is obviously crashing) but then when you reach the smoke pile, there is no helicopter anymore and the loot seems to be cleaned up as well.

My questions:

  • Is there any cleanup logic?
  • Is there any logic which forbids WEST SIDE units to spawn?
  • Is there any logic which cleans up GroundWeaponHolder when players are not near?

If code samples are needed for evaluation I can provide them :) Thanks for your help and of course for this AWESOME mod.
(In a demo mission everything seems to work fine (besides loot spawn) - I also replaced the helicopter classname with a Exile helicopter classname)


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