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Coordinate system / teleport / underwater mission


I know that if I use infiSTAR to teleport to a point on the map,
that is on water, it puts me at the bottom of the ocean at that location.

If I copy the Worldspace (coordinates) of that location to my chat or report,
the coordinates for the Z axis are shown as positive (+), not as (-) as I'd expect
since it put me at the bottom.

I'm trying to create an underwater mission, using DMS, and was wondering about
the coordinate system, and how it works.

Should the coordinates of the underwater mission, at the point I want it to spawn,
[14889.9, 15555, 26.0067], be [14889.9, 15555, -26.0067] instead?

I'm wondering about mapping as well, and the way it would work for placing shipwrecks at the ocean bottom.


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