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currently have about 100 hours on record in arma and love exile, but I find myself in the same cycle of walking around, finding a Makarov and dying, would love to join an already established group on the server they play on and help out, I don't have apex so no tanoa but anything else is fine, just link your steam profile here and ill add you, thanks :)

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Hey @youraveragebrit! Welcome to the exile community first of all! I run a good sized community and there are tons of people here that love running in as groups. Im sure you can find a group here that suits your needs. Weather you like running in groups of 3 or 10! You can find it all here! Check out our recruitment post here!

Hello and welcome convicts!

EXP Gaming community has now opened a Clan section to our community to help bring in more interaction with players inside the community and inside our servers. One thing you should note before joining us is that we arent a tactical milsim unit so we arent going to be having roles and call signs, we aint about that life bro. Also we are all here to have fun and enjoy the awesome mod that has been brought before us. Also we dont expect much of you, because all we ask is you own ArmA 3 ofc AND have enough fingers to use a key board and a mouse. If not then im not sure what to tell you. We currently own our own server and play on it daily, but we also spread across other servers for fun. Here are some requirements below that you may want to read before applying!

-Be above the age of 15 (Because kids always seem to get me killed)
-Have Teamspeak 3 installed
-Have a legit copy of ArmA 3 installed
-Have a working mic
-Must enjoy Exile Mod cause its awesome
If you feel like you excel at the requirements that are shown above you may comment below for more info or PM. The Teamspeak IP and all information to join us is listed below!

Thanks for reading!:P

Happy trails convicts!


Teamspeak IP :

Forums :

Steam Group :

My Steam :

Hope to see you soon! Feel free to add me on steam!

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