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Moving and removing construction items


ok so I have the latest version of exile finally installed, and i'm at my base and I cannot move, or remove the walls and such. when I scroll the options don't show up. Ive checked the config.cpp in my mission folder and the code it there

   // Picks up the construction so you can move it
   class Move: ExileAbstractAction
    title = "Move";
    condition = "call ExileClient_util_world_isInOwnTerritory";
    action = "_this spawn ExileClient_object_construction_move";
   // Removes the construction.
   class Deconstruct: ExileAbstractAction
    title = "Remove";
    condition = "call ExileClient_util_world_isInOwnTerritory";
    action = "_this spawn ExileClient_object_construction_deconstruct";
and if I delete the wall thru the admin panel it deletes and I can add the new walls so its not a  territory issue, and I know its not the admin too by infistar because I have the CAP = false;  /* Check Actions Plr - "Actions: xxx/xxx possible scroll menu hack (or you added custom actions..)" */

any help will be appreciated.




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