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Will there be a hotfix?


I'm still working on updating my server because I've been busy at work but I've read about numerous issues, like all players ending up in the same group, voice being heard on all channels, hexagon markers showing all players, etc. I was wondering if a hotfix was planned and also if a thread could be posted and pinned that has all the common "fixes" or work arounds for the problems until a hotfix comes out.

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26 minutes ago, BetterDeadThanZed said:

like all players ending up in the same group

This is wanted behavior, since your server will stop working when there are too many groups. The Arma Wiki states that empty groups are being removed once they are empty. This is not the case. We have to clean them up manually and keep the group number as low as possible. If it exceeds 144 groups, your server will stop working. As missions, AI, dead players, corpses, players, parties and families consume a group, it can raise quite fast. 

This is not a problem, but the following are:

29 minutes ago, BetterDeadThanZed said:

voice being heard on all channels

This is actually a bug in the engine that we unfortunately seem to trigger now. It did not occur on our development server and was not noticed during RC testing.

We have reported this to Bohemia Interactive and escalated this issue. They will look into it as fast as possible.


We have also been researching the "REGROUP!" issue. In fact, it has been like that forever, but only in parties. Now that we are forced to put all "lone wolves" into the same group (but without all the party features) it becomes quite annoying. After a comprehensive research, we have identified another bug in the engine.


We would really like to solve anything there, but we just cannot. For now, create your own party as a work-around and let's hope things are getting addressed before APEX strikes.

30 minutes ago, BetterDeadThanZed said:

hexagon markers showing all players

You seem to use custom difficulty settings that you have set up wrong. Ensure your difficulty setting is either ExileRegular or ExileHardcore and make sure your showHUD line in the mission is the exact same as ours.

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