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cannot build in a certain spot, no error, no reason?


[Please See Edit]

I'm trying to build in Chelonisi; small island with bridge on Altis, near Pyrgos.
*My build near spawn is set to 500. Chelonisi is 900M away.
*I was using the ExileClient_object_item_construct.sqf  script here: https://github.com/Dwarfer/ExileModTweaks/blob/master/mpmissions/fixes/ExileClient_object_item_construct.sqf
But I disabled it, thinking it may be the problem.
*I am using DMS, and Exile Occupation. But am not near any mission blacklists. In fact, Exile Occupation crates are spawning on Salt Flats, which "are" blacklisted on map config.
*If I travel to a remote area, I can place a flag, no problem.

Are there any settings you can point me to, that may be preventing this? The difficult part, is that since it gives no error, I can't figure out what it could be.
I'm at my wits end trying to find out why, since it allows me to deploy a flag, just not place it (press space bar).


Okay, I have more info. even though my setting to build near spawn zone is set to 500M, I had to be further away from Pyrgos.
So, I guess now my question is "semi" solved.
But I would like to know "how it's made" B|

I now take it, it's not measured from the center of Pyrgos (spawn zone). But rather from "some edge of a circle around it".
Is the thin black line around an area on the map (spawn zone, trader, etc) the boundary of that area? And is the build near
area (ie 500M away, 1000M away, etc) measured from that circle's radius to your flag pole center (placement)?

If so, and I put down a flag pole x distance from spawnzone edge (circle radius), what will happen when I increase my flag pole's
territory size? Will I then not be able to build any longer!?

Thanks in advance! I think other's may be wondering this too, but never actually "asked a developer". :D

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Have a look at your mission config / CfgTerritories. Everything is explained there :)

If you did not see a warning or something, then you have probably tried to place something on a road. CfgConstructions in your mission file controls what you can put on roads and what you cannot :) 

class CfgTerritories
	// Base Cost / Radius
	// Level 1 is allways for Pop Tabs, >= 2 for Respect
	prices[] = 
		// Purchase Price 		Radius 		Number of Objects
		{5000,					15,			30 					}, // Level 1
		{10000,					30,			60 					}, // Level 2 
		{15000,					45,			90 					}, // Level 3
		{20000,					60,			120					}, // Level 4
		{25000,					75,			150					}, // Level 5
		{30000,					90,			180					}, // Level 6
		{35000,					105,		210					}, // Level 7
		{40000,					120,		240					}, // Level 8
		{45000,					135,		270					}, // Level 9
		{50000,					150,		300					}  // Level 10

	// A shortcut of the above maximum radius
	maximumRadius = 150;

	// The above * 2 plus coverving the 20m you can move while placing things
	minimumDistanceToOtherTerritories = 325; 

	// Maximum number of territories a player can own
	maximumNumberOfTerritoriesPerPlayer = 2;

	 * Defines the minimum distance to safe zones / trader cities where players
	 * cannot build territories
	minimumDistanceToTraderZones = 1000;

	 * Defines the minimum distance to spawn zones where players
	 * cannot build territories
	minimumDistanceToSpawnZones = 1000;

	// Amount of pop tabs per object to pay
	popTabAmountPerObject = 10;


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