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Support for "Vanilla..ish"?


Hi Devs,

I have been a long time devotee to EXILE, and one of the the hardest things is trying to get a foot in the door with a player base on servers. Almost every popular server has in its name -HighLoot -50kStart blah blah.

I have tried all manner of server combinations with sticking to my guns in creating a balanced experience and refusing to provide a "give everything" attitude.

Anyways, with the release of EXILE 0.9.8 I felt EXILE in its Vanilla form (config / loot speaking) was very very balanced and have since decided to run a completely MOD free, Vanilla EXILE server with only some custom scripts that fit the theme of EXILE and use only EXILE's UI and notifications to keep the server as professional and inline with what EXILE is at its core.

People breeze over it, because they almost always view by player count and join a server with the highest pop -- Almost always those offering a completely modified experience.

I'd like to ask if you would consider this -

Basically, an @ExileMod badge of approval.

Essentially, servers that you support as they might meet a particular set of requirements, then via social media or updates on the website you could potentially shout these servers out and give them some love so that more people might look through the "players online" filter and see some servers that are different but maintain the core of EXILE.

You mentioned in your dev blogs you are looking for unity among servers with the introduction of new map markers.

I understand this might be something that is too hard to police. But its just a thought. I get the impression from your dev blogs and communication, features etc that you are looking to create a more unified experience for players WHILE keeping EXILE highly customizable. Maybe something like this could help pass on your vision of the mod also as more players might play on these servers.

Or maybe I am totally wrong and the masses truly want +50k start, insane loot and 500 thousand AI taking up FPS..

Thanks for taking the time =) 

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We cannot show preferences there, I am sorry. If we would "like" some servers, it would automatically turn into a "dislike" for the others. Our opinions do not count.

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