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Door State/Vehicle Lock State


There is a problem that was part of epoch, and is now part of exile.

My question is: is this easy to fix, and would the suggested fixes below work?

The exact same problem seems to happen with vehicle locks sometimes (although less often).

This is my impression of how these things work, but I do not know this to be fact.

When a player opens/closes a door on their base, my understanding is that the client sends a request to the server to open/close the door.

The server toggles the door state and sends a return to all of the clients in the immediate area informing their clients that the door has changed states. 

If there is desync, one or multiple clients will not always receive the notification that the door has changed states, so the door will appear to some players as open, and some players as closed.

A player with the incorrect data can try to use the close/open function on the door but it will not work. Since these commands seem to be "close" or "open" instead of "toggle", if the client is commanding the server to "close" a door which the server thinks is closed, the server will return "fuck off". 

I believe there are 2 ways to fix this issue. 

1) Make the command a client sends to the server be a simple, one size fits all "toggle" instead of specific "open" or "close."

2) make the server return the "door is closed" or "door is open" status update to clients in the area multiple times over the course of 5 to 10 seconds to ensure that the client has the proper state of the door. I don't like this nearly as much as the first way, because it could cause problems when players open/close doors rapidly.

Currently, in order to fix the mismatched states, a client has to soft log.

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The way it is integrated is fine. The reason why it does not work as that well is - sorry to mention - Arma 1.50 having a problematic network code. There are two things you can do:

1. Use the perf12 version of the Arma 1.50 server .exe

2. Wait for Arma 1.52 to be released (As far as I know, next week on Wednesday)

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