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Script Restriction #2 - CtrlCreate

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I'm trying to sort out battle eye filters on my server and I've been filtering my way through them with the help of the Battle Eye Filter Tool/v2 stickied up here but i cannot for the life of me get the following to work:

#2 "];

		_url = toString _url;


		_html = (findDisplay 0) ctrlCreate ['RscHTML', 3107182];

		_html ctrlSetBackgroundColor [0,0"

Is being filtered to:

!="];\n\n _url = toString _url;\n\n \n\n _html = (findDisplay 0) ctrlCreate ['RscHTML', 3107182];\n\n _html ctrlSetBackgroundColor [0,0"

and I'm placing it on Line 4 of Scripts.txt, but it seems to have no effect and i still get kicked after reloading scripts. Am I doing something wrong?!


Got it, had a read through Defent's handy guide here and solved it :) Filter below for anyone needing it:

!=""];\n_url = toString _url;\n_html = (findDisplay 0) ctrlCreate ['RscHTML', 3107182];\n_html ctrlSetBackgroundColor [0,0""

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