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Trader Menu's



First of i'm gonna take this opportunity to say that Exile is the BEST mod of all time.

My question is how are the trader menus organised? (in game).

or is it possible to make Exile organise the menu from the class CfgTraderCategories layout?

Thanks for your time and most of all thanks for making such a beast mod for Arma 3 <3

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I think two patches ago, we introduced automatic sorting on trader items. It is sorted by quality and then price, both ascending.

Quality Level 1, 20 Pop Tabs
Quality Level 1, 30 Pop Tabs
Quality Level 2, 10 Pop Tabs
Quality Level 2, 50 Pop Tabs

If you want to change it back to what it was before (and sort 400+ items manually), you can do that. You can find everything you need for that in ExileClient_gui_hud_trader**

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