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3DEN Plugin buggy?



I placed some new buildings into my server with the Eden Editor but I cant open the doors of the buildings?
In the Editor I can, but not on my server. I added the stuff with the 3DEN Plugin. (initServer.sqf and initPlayerLocal.sqf)

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We disable simulation on all objects that you place by default to save you a lot of work. In Arma, all objects are simulated out of the box and thus eat more performance. On Exile servers (maybe Arma in general?) you do not want objects to be simulated when they are just static / cosmetic, so we have reversed that logic. Then you do not have to disable simulation on 700+ objects by hand, but instead, you just have to enable simulation where you want it. For example on buildings that have doors.


I guess you know what to do now? :) Open the attributes of your house and enable simulation. Then export again and it should work.

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