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Storage Capacity in Backpacks and Vehicles.


As my playerbase is gaining, I'm getting detailed reports regarding some bugs and wierd stuff going on, last night I received another one, describing that trucks had less storage capacity than a strider for example, and backpack capacity couldn't carry the amount it shows in-game. 

Is there anyway to adjust the capacity for backpacks and vehicles? 

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Exile uses vanilla Arma 3 settings for weapons and vehicles. No one noticed that in Arma 3 itself :) I agree that it does not make sense and we do have the option to adjust the values. I think we will have to change these settings, as the default ones are not so.. logical.

I have added that do my todo list: https://trello.com/c/iINPH4pb/264-capacity-of-vehicles-are-unlogical-in-vanilla-arma-3-change-that 

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