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DB connection always fail (windows 10) [fixed]



I'm turning nuts with the installation because i'm totally unable to connect to the DB !! 
I'm webdev so i don't forgot the basics (and it's fucking simple to connect to a DB), but I am using windows 10 and I usually work on Debian so maybe I'm wrong with some security settings.


  • I've  installed the A3 server from the Steam\Library\Tools installer
  • I've created the DB and executed the .sql file
  • I've set the @ExileServer\config.cfg hostname, password, passwordAdmin, serverCommandPassword values
  • I've set the @ExileServer\extdb-conf.ini [Rcon]password, [exile]Name, [exile]Username, [exile]password values
  • I've set the sql-mode="" in the my.ini file
  • I've checked the local database connection with phpmyadmin and command line (I've tried with the user root and I've created another user) 
  • I've set arma3server.exe to be executed as admin
  • I've authorized the arma3server.exe to do some modifications
  • I've authorized the connections on the firewall (but the server is local, on the same machine)
  • I've launched the server with this .bat:
    echo Demarrage du Serveur
    ping -n 2 >NUL
    cd "G:\Serveurs\A3 exile server\"
    echo Serveur Exile... Actif !
    start "Arma3" /HIGH /min /wait arma3server.exe "-mod=@exile;kart;heli;mark;" "-servermod=@exileserver;" "-config=G:\Serveurs\A3 exile server\@ExileServer\config.cfg" -port=2302 "-profiles=SC" "-cfg=G:\Serveurs\A3 exile server\@ExileServer\basic.cfg" -name=SC -autoinit
    ping -n 1 >NUL
    echo Le serveur Exile est arrete!


And I continuously have this error:

11:48:42 "ExileServer - MySQL connection error!"
11:48:42 "ExileServer - Please have a look at @ExileServer/extDB/logs/ to find out what went wrong."
11:48:42 "ExileServer - MySQL Error: Unable to locate extDB2 extension!"

The rep @ExileServer/extDB/logs/ doesn't exists, so I'm unable to see what happened. But why the server is unable to locate the extDB2.dll ?

This really turn me nuts !! So, if you have any idea to fix this problem ?
It's vanilla Exile 1.0.0  (with no mods).

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