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Hello everyone,

I've seen a few posts about different error codes and not knowing what they mean. I looked through the code and compiled this list of error codes.


Server Side Trader Error Codes
Code 1:

Player Object is non-existent

Code 2:
Player isn't alive

Code 3:
Item doesn't exist in CfgExileArsenal

Code 4:
Item/vehicle price listed in CfgExileArsenal is less than or equal to 0

Code 5:
Sale price is greater than player's money

Code 6:
Vehicle Object is non-existent

Code 7:
Vehicles parent class doesn't exist in CfgVehicleCustoms

Code 8:
Error code doesn't exist

Code 9:
Error code doesn't exist

Code 10:
Error code doesn't exist

Code 11:
Pin code gathered from player has more than 4 digits

Code 12:
Player has MuteX applied (Meaning they are already trying to process a request)

Code 13:
Cannot find suitable position to spawn vehicle

Code 14:
Respect cost is greater than player's respect

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9 minutes ago, Marius1773 said:

I have 72k Respect but i cant buy any Weapons (Lynx etc.)

I explicitly stated in the OP that this is not a support thread. This information is purely for people who received these errors so they know what the error codes mean. 

Please discuss this issue with whoever runs your server. 

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