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Hello everyone My name is Nick. I have been renting servers for about 10 years and have used a rather long list of different server providers. All of which has been great in one way or another. One thing I have found is price for game servers seems to be an inflated market. As of late I have decided it is just easier to rent full on dedicated machine(s) for my game/community needs. With the added space I have decide to start a hosting company on the side. I have worked with hosting companies in the past and I found it to be an enjoyable time.


So I have created Simple Game Servers. I don't aim to overly profit and get rich from this company would just like the hardware to all pay for itself. I want to provide an affordable simple option for consumers. 

Currently I support Arma 3 and Source games. I am looking into more games in the future these are just the games I know most about. I use Whmcs and TCAdmin for the control panels which are very common to everyone and simple to use.

Our Arma 3 servers are starting at 20$ - Right now customers can use coupon code Arma and receive a 8$ discount on their server as long as they have it! (Arma servers only)

Our Source games are 5$ per server.

*Currently I am only allowing a small amount of servers as this is a beta like time. This is so I can make sure there is no service interruption issues. If there is clients will be compensated. - Email:


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