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Spawning In invisible on an island


Hi When Anyone Relogs On My Server They Spawn In Invisible On An Island,This Also Happens After A Server Restart.The Only Way To Fix This Is To Wipe The Exile Database.This Is Not Ideal As It Wipes All Players Gear And No Logs Are Being Created.There Is Also No Lobby When Players Join The Server It Just Connects  U Straight Into The Game.



Any Help?

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There has been a lot of people reporting this issue. I'd suggest having a read through the forum because you're not the only one with this issue, but I can tell you that it is also caused by something being wrong in your mission pbo. Most likely that is not the case. The removal of the lobby amongst some other additions means that people are having memory issues. To get around this tell people to wait before joining. The news page can act as a lobby, just ask them to wait before pressing continue and this may resolve the issue for some.


The removal of the lobby is in your description.ext

skipLobby = 1;

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