Hey guys,

I have been trying and failing to improve the AI deployed by Ryan's Zombies and Daemons in conjunction wit Exile-Z 2.

Does anyone have any pointers about how i could alter the spawner inside exile-z to include LOS checks and how i would allow players to hide from zombies and sneak past them etc? Currently the spawner simply says 'if player is within 50m then zombie sees them' This does'nt matter if the player is behind a wall or prone in long grass or anything, which breaks the immersion id like on my server.

Any help would be great and if anyone knows how to do this, having them react to sound and smell(based on wind direction) would be cool too :) 

Iv tried using the Arma 2 FSM too but although this works in part, they still see you all the time, just takes longer and they are a bit more stupid and pathfinding is terrible. I'm pretty sure the actions are somewhere in the scripts i just don't know enough to know where or what to do to get the desired effect.

Thanks in advance,


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