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Hello all,

You might have noticed that I pulled a lot of my scripts and addons off the EXILE website, now you know why ;) 

Recently with the community is King phase being announced I tried to have ExileReborn made as an official mod, however it was pointed out that it is not really a mod but a huge customization of EXILE which I am ok with. So with Eichi's permission (against his better judgment)) I am releasing my package here for you all to use. This will not be an official EXILEMOD/MOD. Think of it as a bunch of custom scripts and addons compiled into one package.

Before I go on, please head to my website - , all the features of this customization are listed in detail there, and there are many. But I will outline the core features below.  

Credits and thanks -

What is Exile Reborn ?

A complete mission file / server file replacement. A highly highly detailed and customized version of EXILE that focus's on performance and bringing back that hardcore survival sandbox that everyone seems to be begging for.

Current supported maps - 


Features -

  • Hardcore survival
  • Persistent vehicle spawns
    • ExileReborn spawns and maintains a defined amount of persistent vehicles, that spawn on roads / heli pads. There are no non-persistent vehicle spawns - see here for more info
  • An in depth medical system - 
    • Players can be knocked out when shot
    • Players can bleed to death with proper credit given to the killer
    • Players can apply aid to other players via scroll wheel actions
  • Infections
    • When players are wounded, they need to treat their wounds or risk being infected
    • Persistent infection levels that increase / decrease with effects
    • Sickness
  • No safe zones
  • Completely reworked loot tables
  • Respect levels - Themed levels
    • Everything the player does, is affected by his level - See soft skills - here
    • Examples - players hunger and thirst deteriorates slower the higher level you are, you have a higher chance to find intel on corpses, self healing rate is increased.
  • Persistent world - The world in EXILE reborn is persistent with seasons - See here
  • Wages
    • Players earn a wage, this is a small amount but can increase with your level
  • Dynamic Events - These do not have map markers, for info on how players find these events see here
    • Heli crashes
    • Town bandits
    • Vehicle drops
    • Head hunters
  • Performance
    • Everything is done with performance in mind
    • No additional server threads
    • High FPS
  • Simulation manager / custom cleanup
    • Every AI spawned, every supply drop, object or mission related event item is tied to my custom simulation manager for performance and cleanup.

Usage guidelines and rules -

This package is provided "as is" with the intention of being run "as is", there is no hard and fast configuration settings, the intent is for people to use it and create a following for the more survival / hardcore focused players and unify those players into hardcore servers. Sure, if you know what your doing you could butcher this to your pleasing, and I cant stop that.

Below I will provide a github link where I will constantly update and maintain. It is my request that anyone who uses this package does not alter it it any way shape or form put in any additional scripts or mods and that we all name our servers accordingly -

EXILE REBORN | "my community name or host" | 1PP or 3PP | "country"

So for instance, my server name will be -- EXILE REBORN | | 3PP | AUS

Please link your server name here once your up and running! 

I have started a discord channel here for any help with installation / questions / suggestions etc. If you have a suggestion, want something added or discuss anything, do so here. (Note: This Discord is no longer the place for support - BetterDeadThanZed)

*Again - Keep this unified, do not alter it. There are plenty of EXILE servers that are easy and accommodate the casual individual, keep this authentic!

Installation -


or a version with Esseker support and zombies

Wipe your database or at the absolute very least, clear your vehicles table and follow the install instructions!


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Wow looks awesome. I will definitely be setting this up this weekend. Thanks for the hard work.

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*EDIT* Nevermind. I forgot to remove the Marxet stuff from the exile.ini file. That error will probably be gone when I start the server again :)

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When you say no additional mod or scripts.

So I can't add NIArms? As I'm sorry, but I really don't like the futuristic weapons that are default arma. 

I would love to run this and support it, but would also like to customize it somewhat still keeping the theme. As I like my NIArms :)

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12 minutes ago, John said:


Install marma

I created an account there once and now when I log in, I can't seem to find the downloads. I found the help page, but I see no download link.

*Edit* I had to click on the server I added to get to the downloads link... 

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Does Marma need to be actively monitoring the server and do I need to add the server to it? I ask because I'm running the test server on my PC and the server can not be accessed from outside of my network.

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